Tutorial for QuizStar- 3rd Tech Project

For my third technology project I decided to do a tutorial on a quiz making platform: QuizStar. A lot of people use Google Forms when creating quizzes, but one thing about them is that you cannot add multimedia to the questions. QuizStar lets you add multimedia to the questions and to the multiple choice answers (if you choose to use these). You can give feedback to wrong answers in each quiz and it will give you as a teacher a class report after students have taken the quiz.

Here is the link to my tutorial using this tool: http://youtu.be/SB30HSeJO4E (The video is around 14 minutes long.)

Uploading a class could take around 10 minutes and creating a quiz could take up to an hour, but using the website is pretty straightforward. In this tutorial I show how to upload a class roster, how to create and edit a quiz, and how to assign quizzes to a class. You don’t need to install anything and you can access your account anywhere you have access to the internet.

This tool is created by 4Teachers, a site that gives different ways of using technology with teaching. There are other tools that they show in their website, try to check them out!


One thought on “Tutorial for QuizStar- 3rd Tech Project

  1. Kelly! I absolutely love that you can add multimedia to these questions! It’s interesting for me to think about the direction of testing in classrooms, especially because of this year’s CAASP. I’m wondering if this could be used as a tool to help students get familiar with computer testing? (EVEN THOUGH I’M NOT A FAN) A lot of my students disliked testing this year, and this seems like a great tool to help develop their test taking skills. (IS THAT EVEN NECESSARY THOUGH? ): )


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