Creativity in the Classroom with Technology

Today in Tech class we talked about different ways technology can be used for students to explore their creativity.

We first looked at tools in this site: and I found a couple of cool posters that I may use in the classroom! One poster I found was:


(Even though they’re all men :/ )

I also found a cool website for math games: . Take a look and tell me what you think!

We also explored Scratch, an MIT project that makes coding easier for students. You can explore games, create games by coding them with their pre-determined steps, or edit games people have already uploaded! Students in my 7th grade student teaching placement here at Berkeley have coded with the website and they really seem to enjoy it! It is a good way of showing that coding does not have to be scary.


3 thoughts on “Creativity in the Classroom with Technology

  1. I think that poster is really great as well! I wonder if it is enough to post this poster in the classroom or if it would be even more motivating and allow for more creativity if students picked a mathematician and use their own research to make a poster that is then posted in the classroom? Thanks for sharing!!

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  2. Gah, they are all men : / I’m also discouraged by the phrase “The greatest mathematicians of all time” because it promotes a sense of hierarchy and competition in students’ thinking about math. Oh, you have be a “greatest” to have your contributions counted as important in math.

    I like Katrina’s idea about having students make the posters, and perhaps you could generate a list of mathematicians to choose from that has more equal representations of genders, races, and classes.

    Or you could make your own poster exactly how you want it to look!

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  3. I just played a couple of the math games out of curiosity.. Those are the same types of educational games I had growing up. I think they’re good at drills (getting fast at doing repetitive tasks) but not so much at teaching the concepts in the first place. I think Desmos is much better at teaching concepts, though it’s admittedly for higher grade levels.

    Based on that poster, it looks like the secret to becoming a great mathematician is easy: just wear a very specific fake mustache.

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