SketchUp Tutorial- Project #2

I am presenting here a tutorial for the program called SketchUp, a program that allows people to draw in 3D. I see this program being useful in helping students better visualize 3D shapes or lines in 3D graphs. It needs to be downloaded in either Mac or PC, but the PRO version costs $540! SketchUp Make is free. To download it or to look for more information, go to . There are instructional videos on the website that one can access in order to receive more information.

The more specific hardware requirements to download the program are in this page. Click on your operating system. The downloading takes around 5 minutes (depends on your computer and your internet access, of course!). In the video I show the installation process and how to get started with the program. I also present a quick overview of the different tools and how the program may be useful in a mathematics classroom.

I used Camtasia to record the tutorial. It is a program where one can share what is on their computer screen while talking. This makes it easy for people to understand how to use a program or install a program since one is able to hear what the person is saying and see what they are doing in their computer.

Here is the Youtube link to the Camtasia tutorial. Please let me know if there are any issues with the video! It can only be accessed through this direct link.


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