Tools for Teacher Collaboration and Sharing Curricula

When one looks online for tools that aid in collaboration in the education world, many posts or articles focus on collaboration between teachers and students and how technology helps in the classroom. It is however important to also look into teacher to teacher collaboration and how different teachers support each other. In my presentation for my class, Haley and I talked about specific tools that help in collaboration between local teachers:


  1. Google tools: Drive, Forms, Sheets, Slides, etc.
  2. SlideShare
  3. Group Work
  4. Scribblar:
  5. CoSketch:
  6. Team Whiteboard:

Project Management:

  1.    Active Collab:
  2. Wrike

Real time communications:

  1. Campfire:
  2. Neat Chat :
  3. Skype for Educ:

Each of these tools have positive and negative aspects to them; but one must keep an open mind and try out different tools in case they are helpful in their lives. An important aspect to consider when analyzing a tool is to see how well it interacts with other tools that you are presently using and how it will fit into your daily routines.  I think something that we all agreed on during the discussion afterwards is how most of the important tools can be accessed through Google platforms, especially since these can be connected to calendars and emails– tools that we use in our daily lives.

I realized that one important tool that teachers use is sharing curriculum or ideas that can be used in the classroom. This article, presented in Edutopia, presents different platforms where teachers can share curriculum and ideas to use in their lessons. I think it is important for teachers to know that they don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time they teach! They can take ideas from other classrooms and other lessons, keeping in mind how these lessons will look like with the students they have in their classrooms.


One thought on “Tools for Teacher Collaboration and Sharing Curricula

  1. Thanks for the resources and compiling this all into one place, Kelly. I’m rather old school and partial to face-to-face and telephone interactions, but I know where to come when I find myself a lonesome and isolated teacher, or when my preferred communication methods are simply out of reach. I’m sure these will come in handy.


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